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Amarillo Hops are Now available! Amarillo Hops are now available for purchase. Pellet Hops will be coming soon, the season is here.

News - Amarillo Hops are now on the outage list. The great demand from craft brewers and the increase in interest in home brewing has pushed the Amarillo Hops supply past the point of keeping up. There are no more Amarillo hops for the season! Hopefully production will increase but the demand is only growing.

News - Amarillo hops reserve levels are getting dangerously low! Possible shortages will begin to take place in different regions, and we will more than likely see a complete outage before the next harvest.

Factoid - Amarillo hops are used in many commercially sold beers. Here are some that use Amarillo Hops; Stone's Levitation Ale, Southern Tier Hop Sun, Clipper City Loose Cannon, and Green Flash Hop Head Red Ale.

Factoid - Amarillo hops are sometimes called, Super Cascade, because of their hop qualities being similar but much more pronounced. Amarillo Hops are used in many new IPAs for this reason.

Amarillo Hops are a very commonly used hop variation. You will find Amarillo Hops in many styles of beer including but not limited to; American style ales, IPA's and Pale Ales. Amarillo Hops are a newer strain of hops found as a mutation. Their flavor works well with Centennial hops or any other citrus flavored hop to increase the complexity.

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We are the official Amarillo Hops web site, but we do not sell Amarillo Hops, we only supply information and help connect people with this great hop's information and uses. Here is absolutely the best deal we can currently find online from a confirmed legit online brewing supply store to buy Amarillo Hops.

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Amarillo Hops Details

Disease/Pest Susceptibility Fairly Resistant To All Diseases
Pickability/Drying/Baling Good
Cone-Structure Small, Tight Cone
Lupulin Plentiful
Aroma Floral And Citrusy
Alpha Acid 8 - 11% W/W
Beta Acid 6 - 7% W/W
Cohumulone 21 - 24 Of Alpha Acids
Total Oil 1.5 - 1.9 Mls/100 Grams
Myrcene 68 - 70% Of Whole Oil
Humulene 9 - 11% Of Whole Oil
Carophyllene 2 - 4% Of Whole Oil
Farnesene 2 - 4% Of Whole Oil

Of course these are estimates and the Amarillo Hops will vary from growing season to growing season and location. Amarillo Hops have a lemon to grapefruit citrus quality which lend themselves for use in pale ales. Please contact us with any information or questions about Amarillo Hops. We are interested in all things Amarillo Hops.

Factoid - Most varieties of hops, may be acquired and grown by purchasing rhizomes, Amarillo Hops are privately grown only by Virgil Gamache Farms.

Update - Holiday sales of Amarillo Hops are up by 50% or more by some measures. The increased sales volume of Amarillo Hops is most likely due to the current interest in home brewing and certainly shows the tastes of American beer drinkers changing. Amarillo Hops is a commonly used hop in Pale Ales and shows the American beer palate is becoming more complex. More on Amarillo Hops and Ale Making here...

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